The inclusion of the Internet has brought about changes in all spheres of life. The web development team develops informative based websites for Government Ministries and Departments that seek to make use of having an online presence.

  • Phase 1- Request sent to Manager
  • Phase 2- Approval by Management
  • Phase 3- Content is provided by Clients
  • Phase 4- Draft website is presented
  • Phase 5- Revisions
  • Phase 6- Training and signoff
  • Phase 7- Website is launched

Web Maintenance

Once the enterprise class website is up and running, the consistency and the uptime of the system is dependent upon a well-oiled maintenance process.
Websites are continually being revamped in order to adapt to the business needs. This needs a system administration process in place which can handle day to day maintenance issues as well as emergency issues without any hiccups. Preserving the sanity of the system is a huge task particularly if you have frequent updates.

What we Offer

Your website should reflect the most current state in the middle of frequent updates and upgrades. Upholding the quality and individual identity of the website is a difficult task during the maintenance process, but our dedicated and technically qualified resources are well equipped to handle the most complex of tasks. The major daily tasks handled are –

  • Website design upgrades or modifications
  • Addition of new website features
  • Webhosting

List of websites Developed