Public Contact Centre (PCC)

The Public Contact Centre (PCC) is an initiative of the e-government project and was launched on the 22nd July, 2009, to handle the front-desk processing of the public services offered by the various government departments.

What we offer

  • Social Welfare Consultation Services, where the public can get in touch with us regarding the processing of their welfare and family assistance applications
  • We provide Shipping Schedules for all government vessels to the public
  • Agriculture Consultation Services, where the public can get in touch with us regarding agricultural assistance programmes offered by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • We provide Reception and Helpdesk services for ITC Services
  • We provide Public Works Consultation and Enquiries services where the public can also call to report on faults regarding public utilities in their area.
  • We distribute high school external examination results for high school students
  • Birth, Death and Marriage (BDM) registration queries, where the public can call to get information regarding their birth / marriage / death certificate(s).
  • We provide a Hotline to emergency services including Police Services
  • We provide Daily updates for Weather and Marine bulletin and forecasts
  • We provide frontline support services for e-government online applications
  • We facilitate Government Service Complaints and enquiries
  • We also provide tourism information to our visitors from overseas.

Call us on 132 777 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information