PC Team

PC Team is the department charged with the configuration, support, repair and maintenance of all computers connected to the Government network. With the number of computers being connected to the Govnet domain growing by the day, our team is constantly on the move; troubleshooting, diagnosing and restoring systems to its optimum capability.
As with all organizations within ITC, we are constantly striving to deliver the best service that we can provide to an organization that requires it at a quick rate while ensuring that quality of service is not compromised
Our Projects

The Fiji Government e-Community Program, which began in 2006, is an initiative aimed at bringing internet services and GOVNET connectivity to the rural schools in remote areas of Fiji where internet connectivity was either non-existent or economically unsustainable for the exclusive service provider, Telecom Fiji to provide service to. 

A VSAT satellite solution was identified as the appropriate mode for connectivity and Australian Satellite Services was selected as a partner for the Fiji Government to provide satellite antennas and iDirect modems for twelve (12) remote sites and one private hub at ITC Services (ITCS) Suva office. In addition to this they provided technician/installer training, installation of the private hub, and the first three (3) remote sites in. The local installation partner was Transcomm, to assist the ITC Services staff for the remaining nine (9) sites.

Phase one of the e-Community Program was carried out in partnership between ITC Services and the Library Services Unit of the Ministry of Education (MoE). MoE identified the twelve sites while ITCS carried out the installation. Each site was furnished with a satellite antenna, modem, UPS, four (4) desktop computers, wireless access point and a laser printer. To date, there are 17 e-Community sites;