Network Team

We make connections & communications happen!

The Network Team is responsible for the network infrastructure of Govnet. . Govnet is the official network for the Fijian Government and provides ICT services to most Government Departments.Over the past few years Govnet has had an exponential growth and the Network Team has played a key role in ensuring the demand was met.
We believe in providing our customers with reliable, timely and highly satisfactory service.

Mediums on Govnet:

  • UTP (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7)
  • Fiber (OM1, OM2, OM3)
  • WiFi (wireless)
  • Dedicated Lease lines
  • FrameRelay
  • VSAT

Equipment and Services:

  • Cisco switches and routers
  • Alcatel switches and routers
  • Wireless Access Points (Cisco & Smart Bridge)
  • VSAT (Has enabled Govnet to reach remote locations such as Rotuma)
  • VOIP (Avaya and Alcatel)
  • Network Security & Monitoring