Central Agency Reporting System (CARS)

Government Information Technology & Computing (ITC) Services always strives to provide the best solutions for Government that aims to streamline processes and improve public service delivery.

The Central Agency Reporting System (CARS) project is one of those systems that is being developed to improve processes.  The CARS project is developed with an aim of having a centralized repository to assist in the monitoring and measuring of government ministries and agencies progress and deliverables inline  with the national plan.
This system provides distinct templates for the four stakeholders to input their data that will be converted into reports as information. Additionally the four stakeholders will have the authority and access rights to monitor, view, weigh and insert information into the various templates.

The system also has the capability to generate reports for the various stakeholders and will store historical data that can be used for future analysis.

System Ownership?
This project was the initiative of the Public Service Commission (PSC). This latter included three other stakeholders inclusive of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Strategic Planning and finally the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO).  

Agencies that will be using the system?
The four key stakeholders will be the primary users of this system. They will use the system to monitor government agencies quarterly reports.

Benefits of the system to the agencies involved. How will it help them in their current work?
This is a fully integrated solution that will enable centralized repository of information that can be accessed by the key stakeholders for effective reporting. The system is efficient and provides an automated approach to collating, processing and generating reporting. The system incorporates control and monitoring mechanisms that will minimize errors, set strict timelines for deliverables and eliminate unethical and corrupt practices.

This system is a key strategic tool for the nation because it enables the monitoring agencies to measure the performance of each government ministry and department so that they work in conjunction with Government’s direction for Building a Better Fiji.

This system is developed and project managed locally by Government ITC Services, Business Solutions and Development Team. The implementation of this system will be completed towards the end of June 2012.