ITC facilitates Secondary School Teachers Training

To enhance their knowledge on Basic Computer troubleshooting, maintenance and networking, Government Information Technology & Computing (ITC) Services conducted a 1 week Basic Computer Technical Training for Secondary School Teachers. The training which was held from 7– 11th May included 16 secondary school computer teachers from various schools in the central division.

The objectives of the course were to enable the teachers to better understand the following;
• Computer Hardware (Parts and components of Computers)
• Assembling of Computer Parts
• Operating Systems
• Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance
• Basic Networking & File Sharing

The training also involved a theory session where the teachers had hands on experience in dismantling and assembling a computer, then test it to ensure that it worked perfectly.  For most teachers, the training was an opportunity to enhance their technical skills and gain as much knowledge and understanding to relay that knowledge back to their students .