Project to Reduce Communication Costs

(September 29, 2011) - The department of Information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS) met with the Public Service Commission Board to promote the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) project. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was initially deployed to some Government agencies in 2005 as part of the eGovernment initiative.

Some of the very first departments to pilot the project were the DPP’s Office and the Ministry of Labour. Over the years more interested agencies came on board as pilot bringing the total remote sites to 14. These agencies have seen the great benefits of VoIP with a reduction in their call charges, said ITC Services Manager, Mr. Eliki Salusalu.

“Government agencies currently pay a fair amount in communication costs, therefore ITC Services now looks to implement VoIP across all Government agencies to reduce this cost for better service and productivity”, he added.

VoIP offers a secured infrastructure, better quality of service and operates on a resilient platform which is essential for Government.

“We need to ensure that communication within Government is secure, and VoIP offers that feature. Secure as all communication will run through the designated GOVNET network”, added Mr. Eliki Salusalu.

To ensure the project runs smoothly, ITCS will continue to work closely with the Public Service Commission Board and all other stakeholders to determine the most effective implementation strategy and the timeframe for delivery.

Commissioners of the Public Service Commission  (R-L)
Dr. Akanisi Kedreyate, Mr. Vincent Rajalingam and Mr. Udai Prasad