Building Bridges to Improve Inter Agency ICT Services Delivery

(September 2 2011) – Bridging the gap with all Government Information Technology (IT) officers and improving Information & Communications Technology (ICT) service delivery to the communities is top priority for the Department of Information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS).

As a first step, ITCS conducted a 1 day discussion session with all Government IT officers in its aim to ensure that they all work together and create dialogue to improve ICT services throughout government agencies.

“The main idea is for all IT officers to speak on the same wavelength when it comes to the National ICT development” said ITCS Assistant Manager (Client Services), Mr. Apisalome Tamani.

“This is also a chance for government departments and ministries to understand the roles and responsibilities of ITCS, address any issues and identify a path for “The Way Forward” in terms of ICT development for Government, he added.

The involvement of these officers will be of great benefit for Government in terms of improving service delivery across all communities.

Following on from this exercise, ITCS intends to invite Government IT officers to assist in the requirement definition for the possible second phase of the e-Government Program.

Government IT Officers during the workshop