132 777 HOTLINE

The GCC – Government Public Contact Centre is now becoming a hotline for all citizens. This year the GCC is embarking on promoting the 132 777 number to the village communities which will enable them to access government information with a single dial.

The responsibilities and roles of this office is to provide an Improved Cost effective Customer Service Single contact point between the Public and a Harmonised Fiji Government.

Our Operation has now matured and we now have the ability to gather and manage Public Service Delivery Performance Data, Information and knowledge directly from the Public on real-time stated Ms Merumeru, GCC Team Leader. Our targeted Population Segments are the rural and remote areas who are unable to come to the closest town to obtain the government information they require.

“The minute a call is answered by an agent, it is recorded making this easier to track and for reporting purposes. For those calling form the remote areas or outer islands we log their complaints and we assign them to our focal points in the various departments and ministries. We do not close any issue, unless we get a confirmation from Citizen that they are satisfied with the solution provided by the various government department or ministries”, she added.
“However to ensure consistent information and a broad array of local government services allowing transparency of government structure to the nation through our operation, there is a further need to review and consultation to be conducted with the Stakeholders and the villages that consist of 1179 Turaga ni Koro”.

The advantage the GCC has is that it is reachable by the villages from their own homes simply by picking up their landline phones and dialling the number.
The Centre has recorded a maximum capability of Serving 5,000 citizen within 24 hours utilising only 15 manpower in the past 20months. This is our offering to all of Government's Services that could be provided through this most cost effective medium that will dramatically reduce Service Operation costs across all government departments and Ministries interaction services need with the Public, she stated.

Already the centre has proven its capability with the high volume of calls coming in for the Police department. Fiji Police is using the centre to measure performance of services provided on the ground against their services and also against the Police themselves.

This Operation is shaking all Police to serve the citizens in a more polite manner and in a timely fashion. “Everyone now has a job to do daily, no one is standing still since the public has now been used by the Commissioner to give him feedback whether the services that his people are offering is of value to public or not”, she added.

The reports and statistics generated are used to make improvements to his people, operation or schedule, vehicle allocation and movements etc. or reshuffling where fits and retraining.