One Stop Shop

The Fiji Government Contact Centre - 132777 is be-coming the most popular one stop shop between the Fiji Government and the Entire Fiji citizens.

Government Information Services is now available 24x7 and is accessible by all citizens both locally and internationally via telephone, mobile phones and fax services through the fax number 3235101.

Since its establishment in July 2009, the centre has handled112,211 calls as of 19th November 2010. Of the 112,211 calls, 65% of these calls were satisfied, while 35% were referrals to other government departments and ministries.

The centre headed by Ms Merumeru handles 60 citizen calls simultaneously. Whilst 15 citizens are being served, 45 citizens will be waiting in the queue for at least 20secs/call. We have been able to serve 60 citizens in every 20 minutes and have managed to satisfy at least 180 citizens /hr. during the past 16 months of our Operation, she stated.

The new Services now available through the Centre are:

  • Fiji Police Complaints Against Services and Police
  • Social Welfare Family Assistance Enquiries and Complaints
  • Public Works, Road, Transport, Marine, FIMSA, Weather, Energy and Shipping Enquiries and Com-plaints.
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Registration & Printing En-quiries and Complaints
  • E-government Portal Online
  • Public Government Online Helpdesk Services
  • Agriculture Farming Assistance
  • Ministry of Labor Services Enquiries & Complaints and Other Government Services Complaints and Enquiries.

The centre has successfully consolidated two remote mini call centres namely: PWD – 2 Agents/shift and the Fiji Police Force – 3 Agents/shift on a 24x7 operation.

The centre is now breaking the barrier between government and the citizens. Citizens in the rural remote areas are now able to access government services over the phone. This has brought about a lot of savings for our citizen with respect to reduction of trips to government ministries and departments hence savings in transportation, stated Ms Merumeru.