Kadavu Connects to Govnet Service

“Accessing Government Departments are just a click away. We were better prepared during cyclone TOMAS for we were tracking and getting weather updates via internet”.

ITC Services Staff together with village members of Kavala in Kadavu laying the foundation for the VSAT

Last month ITC Services welcomed Kadavu to the Govnet eCommunity Service. A team of ITC Services officers visited Kavala, Nasekula and Kadavu Provincial High School to install and set-up the link to the eCommunity Service.

ITC Services also took the opportunity to raise awareness on the benefits of the eCommunity Service to the community members and to also highlight the modes of communication that are available to efficiently access to Government Information.

With the set-up of the Govnet eCommunity Service, the community members of Kadavu, especially school students will now have access to online services like,
e-scholarships, PSC, FAB & MEA. Community members will also have the privilege of communicating with family and friends through email. Hence, it will also assist students and teachers in doing research for their school assignments and lesson notes.

The principal of Kadavu Provincial Secondary School Mr. Ravatu said that he was grateful to the work down by ITC Services.

The staff, students and community members are now using the service and are now able to keep up to date with news and access to government information, he said.

It could not have come at a better time especially during cyclone Tomas; we were able to keep track of the cyclone and received weather updates via the internet. We were better prepared, he said.

This is an initiative to help those in the rural communities to stay in touch family and friends and most importantly to assist them in developing their computer skills. Kadavu Provincial High School is one of the 13 sites that ITC Services have linked to Govnet.