The advancement of technology in this day and age has brought about great changes in the way services are delivered. In particular the development of the internet has brought about changes in the way people conduct transactions for goods and services. Governments around the world have utilised the internet to deliver more citizen centric services that are more accessible and penetrates farther than any of their office localities.

Fiji is a maritime nation with most of its population living in maritime zones and rural areas, outside the urban location of Government offices. Thus in its bid to provide its services to a broader audience, the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands embarked on a fact finding mission on the feasibility of eGovernment being introduced in Fiji in 2003.

The Government of the Peoples Republic of China, through its EXIM bank graciously granted a loan to the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands in 2006, for the undertaking of the Fiji eGovernment Project.

This project would involve:

  • the deployment of Government services online via a Fiji eGovernment portal, and
  • the development of the Government Information Infrastructure, to cater for the flux in traffic on the Government Network (GOVNET).

ITCS was tasked with the privilege of being the implementing agency of the Fiji eGovernment Project for the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

Through this effort we have been able to implement various online applications, to facilitate services to:

  • Government to Government
  • Government to Business and
  • Government to Citizen

There has also been a major strengthening of the Government Information Infrastructure, whereby many Government offices were connected to GOVNET along with the many eCommunity centers deployed across various schools to enable maximum coverage for the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands online services.

Overall ITCS journey with the eGovernment Project has been a challenging and a fulfilling one whereby many new things were learnt and many boundaries crossed.