Welcome Message by the Manager ITC Services

ITC Services a department under the Minstry of Finance is a very unique working environment where the atmosphere is full of enthusiasm, challenges and innovation. As the winner of the highest award for Service Excellence in the Public Service for two consecutive years, in 2009 and 2010 and a Committment Award in 2011, ITC Services  reinforces and strengthen its role as  facilitator, enabler and champion of service excellence throgh ICT.

One of ITC Service’s strategic priorities is to transform or re-engineer government services across all government agencies through the realization of the e-Government strategy. This holistic strategy adopts the three legged stool approach, focusing on People, Processes and Technology. In collaboration with other Government agencies, cooporate sectors, NGOs and other stakeholders, ITC Services will develop, promote, coordinate and support strategies that foster service excellence through the utilisation of e-Government Application tools.

With the dedicated and talented staff of ITC Services, I am confident that we will meet the goals and performance targets we’ve established for the department.

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